Ali Akbar Khan – Raga Kanara Prakaar (1969)

by Fine Melodies

this one i just couldn’t resist putting up, though it’s not very obscure enough for this blog, however i consulted my caringness and i didn’t care a bit, really i was very enthralled about it and more ecstatic rather than worried for the sake of the blog’s purity.

this is just taken straight from the youtube info because it is good description:

Raga Kanara Prakaar ( 80.00 )
Alap – Part 1 & 2 ( 40.00 )
Gat – Part 1 & 2 ( 40.00 )
Ali Akbar Khan – Sarod
Mahapurush Misra – Tablas
The 80 minute Raga –
Originally recorded live and released on a double LP by The Connoisseur Society in 1969.

Late evening Raga
The Alap, part 1 and 2, is a complete Alap in 15 parts
The Gat is played with changing rhythms. The first part is in slow teentaal followed by a medium tempo teentaal wich then goes into a second section in a fast ektaal returning for the final climax to a teentaal in fast tempo.
This Raga is also referred in some other sources as being Raga Darbari Kanada.