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Category: 1950s

Martin Denny Documentary

A tiny snippet about the king of exotica Hawaiian music, Martin Denny.


Dorothy Ashby – Hip Harp (1958)

Another amazing album of Dorothy Ashby. This is from another planet of groove, jazz coming from 1958 sounding like hip hop of decades to come. She brought the harp to jazz.┬áDorothy is a very underappreciated musician and her playing is magical and spiritual. Everyone should have her melodies playing on their electronic devices! In the 50’s, Dorothy along with her trio often played for free. She had her own radio show in the 60’s, and together with her husband they toured the country playing gigs, as well as writing and producing theatrical musical plays.

This album is with the saxophonist and flutist, Frank Wess. He was in Count Basie’s band as tenor saxophonist and flutist throughout the 50’s and into the 60’s. He is considered the great flutist of the era. He has over 600 song credits to his name. He passed away in 2003 at the ripe ole age of 91.