Fine Melodies

Category: 1990s

Martin Denny Documentary

A tiny snippet about the king of exotica Hawaiian music, Martin Denny.


Melt Banana – Charlie (1998)

The classic Melt Banana album that ironically Charlie showed me in high school and we were pretty obsessed with it for a while. It is actually really good.

Japanese noise/punk band started in early 90s. They release everything on their own label, A-Zap.

John & Yamataka Eye – Propolution (1995)

Track 9/12 of ‘Nani Nani’ CD (Tzadik, USA, 1995). Short and intense. This is the label I was mentioning.. I don’t know much about it yet, though it seems to put out alot of experimental Japanese stuff.

Boredoms – Super æ (1998)

The first track (Super You; 0:00-7:37) is one of the most excruciating musical experiences that I’ve ever had, but the payoff is amazing. Super funny, in the way only Boredoms can be .