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Hannes Coetzee – Mahala

now i know his name… probably heard this already, just didn’t want to forget his name.

he is from south africa, born in ’44, and he created the spoon playing style. i put him under category 2000’s cause the documentary that made him famous, Karoo Kitaar Blues, was released in 2003.


OOIOO – Gold & Green (2000)

Boredoms’ drummer Yoshimi P-We’s all girl side project. Posting this mostly for the first track (Moss Trumpeter), but Grow Sound Tree and I’m a Song are also favorites. I love that Boredoms started in 1986 and is turning out things that sound this fresh decades later. OOIOO has a new Gamelan music inspired album out this month. Here is also a live video of some of that material:


Boredoms – 7777 (2001)

Track 4 from Rebore Vol. 0: Vision Recreation By Eye (2001), Eye’s remix of Vision Creation Newsun.