Fine Melodies

Category: Post 2000s


Cool guitarist from Agadez, like Group Inerane and Group Doueh, he had Group Bombino. Some super grooves. Sadly his latest albums have been taken mainstream because that guys from Black Keys took him to his studio in Tennessee and recorded his album, Nomad, which is actually really good too. But his first american recorded album, Agadez, is better and was recorded by someone making a documentary on the region of Agadez that hunted him down in Niger where he was in Exile after a couple of his band members were killed. Hefty stories about these desert blues guys and their groups, but they are really groovy.


Catherine Christer Hennix – The Electric Harpsichord (2010)

“Catherine Christer Hennix is a Swedish-American composer, philosopher, scientist and visual artist associated with drone minimal music.” she does really cooool stufff maaannn, aka tripppppyy ah wow. ah eek wow.

all her stuff if pretty great, this one incorporates voice in a live setting:

probably good study music for you

Austin Peralta – Capricornus (2011)

Spencer’s good friend Austin Peralta that passed away. From his album Endless Planets on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. Some pretty amazing piano playing.

This is another of Austin Peralta, normally I’m not into this style jazz but this is a real heavy hitter with that fuzz bass. Song named after his girlfriend: