Fine Melodies

Hannes Coetzee – Mahala

now i know his name… probably heard this already, just didn’t want to forget his name.

he is from south africa, born in ’44, and he created the spoon playing style. i put him under category 2000’s cause the documentary that made him famous, Karoo Kitaar Blues, was released in 2003.


Fifty Foot Hose – Cauldron (1967)

this is dope stuff.. way better than jefferson airplane which the singer sounds almost identical to grace slick.. and i think this is the only album they made.

Fifty Foot Hose is a psychedelic rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1967. Like a few other acts of the time they consciously tried to combine the contemporary sounds of rock with electronic instruments and avant-garde compositional ideas.

Egg – Egg (1970)

some cool stuff

Iron Butterfly – In A Gadda Da Vida (1968)

a rockin band, pretty good grooves

the mid 70’s bass player of this band had disappeared in 1995 and many thought it was x-files style sketch stuff going on, four years later hikers found his skeletal remains inside a van at the bottom of a malibu canyon ravine. here is some info on it:

 Kramer immersed himself in schooling, studying engineering and getting a job building radar equipment. He graduated from night school with straight A’s and got a job at Northrup, working on the design of the MX missile. At the time of his disappearance, he had reportedly discovered a mathematical formula that would allow matter to travel faster than the speed of light. His involvement in projects of this nature have led to theories that he was abducted or murdered.  What is known is that on Feb. 12, 1995, having spent an hour waiting at Los Angeles International Airport for a business contact who never arrived, he called both his wife and Ron Bushy from his cell phone in his car, leaving Bushy a cryptic message about seeing him  “…on the other side.” According to newspaper reports, Kramer also called 911 just before noon that day and said he was going to commit suicide. Despite this, family members believe he could have been the victim of foul play. After he disappeared, his wife, Jennifer, said her husband “would never, for any reason or under any circumstances, allow himself to completely abandon the family he loves more than life itself.”

Schizofrenia – Taste of Blues (1969)

from the youtube description to describe it best:

Formed around Claes Ericsson, who would later perform in the 70’s band LOTUS, Taste of Blues challenges their listeners with a saucy concoction of the late 60s psych sound as well as something entirely original and free. It might just be a stretch to call this one Krautrock, but when one jumps in at the deep end here, the overt improvisations beyond the relative blues banner up front, is downright uncanny. Loads of CAN reminding moments, and this is well before CAN even developed their legendary monotonous rhythm based structure.

i been jiving on this for days

perfect amount of synth, variation, etc.

Bridgitte Fontaine – Prohibition (2009)

She is now the ultimate badass.

Lyrics (roughly):

I was showing my senior card
Under the mocking looks of those pigs
Who started an obscene laugh
At my siren shape

I am old and go fuck yourselves
With my style of dragonfly
I am old and I’m going to die
A small forgotten detail

Go your own way you bastards
Quickly go to the buffet car
I will smoke my cigarette
Quietly in the toilet

Prohibition is everywhere
Alcohol on television
Papers, fags, lack of cash
And getting old in public places

Prohibition is everywhere
Words and screams, fornication
Semen forbidden at 60 years old
Or else scandal and giggles

I am old and go fuck yourselves
With my style of dragonfly
I am old and I’m going to die
A small forgotten detail

Sick people are prohibited
Disposed of in the ditches
Unless they’re worth a dime,
Cash for the wealthiest

Old people are discarded
Put to the asylum, to the castle of oblivion
Here is what’s waiting for me tomorrow
If I ever loose my way

I have other perspectives, you see
I am going to have sex, to drink and smoke
I’m going to invent myself other skies
Always wider and more precious

I am old and go fuck yourselves
With my style of dragonfly
I am old,fearing neither god nor man
If I die, it will be of happiness

Brigitte Fontaine – Comme à la radio (1969)

so this was your b day gift.

brigitte fontaine with the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Areski Belkacem, crazy free jazz stuff going on with french chanson, erie groovy awkward. she has collaborated with a bunch of people like stereolab, sonic youth, archie shepp..

Leon Thomas – Pharaoh’s Tune (The Journey) (1970)

this track is off his album The Leon Thomas Album

leon thomas the yodeling avant-garde jazz singer, this recording is wild

Henry Flynt – You Are My Everlovin’ / Celestial Power (1981), I Don’t Wanna (1966)

Henry Flynt was born in 1940 in Greensboro, NC. He is a philosopher, musician, anti-art activist and exhibited artist.

sooo henry flynt is precisely amazing and must be taken in from his entire catalog. he has an interesting story, and his active timeframe was 60s – 80s but nothing recorded was released until 2000s, which is when he hit the big time underground.

read about him here: and if you feel like having time to read anything else of his then click to the main page of that site.

here is an example of something totally different:

Henry Flynt and The Insurrections
I Don’t Wanna (1966)

this is crazy it is from 1966.. so rebellious

Ali Akbar Khan – Raga Kanara Prakaar (1969)

this one i just couldn’t resist putting up, though it’s not very obscure enough for this blog, however i consulted my caringness and i didn’t care a bit, really i was very enthralled about it and more ecstatic rather than worried for the sake of the blog’s purity.

this is just taken straight from the youtube info because it is good description:

Raga Kanara Prakaar ( 80.00 )
Alap – Part 1 & 2 ( 40.00 )
Gat – Part 1 & 2 ( 40.00 )
Ali Akbar Khan – Sarod
Mahapurush Misra – Tablas
The 80 minute Raga –
Originally recorded live and released on a double LP by The Connoisseur Society in 1969.

Late evening Raga
The Alap, part 1 and 2, is a complete Alap in 15 parts
The Gat is played with changing rhythms. The first part is in slow teentaal followed by a medium tempo teentaal wich then goes into a second section in a fast ektaal returning for the final climax to a teentaal in fast tempo.
This Raga is also referred in some other sources as being Raga Darbari Kanada.